Please check the draft of my business proposal assignment and help me finish it.

Please check the draft of my business proposal assignment and help me finish it. The instructions file and draft I’ve finished so far has attached.
Overall Structure of your Proposal The proposal should
broadly contain the following:
• Title page: This should identify and visually convey the
essence and style of the proposed company/business.
• Table of contents: This will help your reader to navigate
the document and thus hold their interest by making the content easier to
digest. • Executive Summary: This is a concise introduction that is used to
summarise your idea and to sell it to the reader, emphasising it’s USP. It
should be a basic explanation of what the new venture is, and an overview of
your business goals and objectives and what it’s proposed evolvement will be.
This summary will help investors and stakeholders quickly understand the
business idea, evaluate its potential, and make informed decisions.
• Background, Market Overview & Viability: This should
outline the industry into which you hope to enter. It should also indicate a
gap in the market, and an explanation of how the market would be/has been
tested to determine the viability of the opportunity. Consider including a SWOT
Analysis and PEST for your proposed business venture.
• Target Market: You are required to identify your target
market so that you can develop an effective marketing communication. To define
your target market effectively you’ll need to do some research by gathering
statistics and other market research data helps you to understand your
potential customers.
• Competition: An explanation of the environment in which
the new venture will operate alongside competition, as well as the key
stakeholders involved, online presence, visual identity etc. Application of
models such as Porters 5 Forces may be useful.
• Resources and Outlay: What will be required in the way of;
staff, materials, premises, capital outlays, etc.
• Basic Marketing Strategy: Ideas for how you will you
promote your new business and rationale for your proposed approach, and apply
the 4 Ps, or 7 Ps.
• Financial and Growth Plan: Start-up costs and an
explanation of how the new venture will be financed and launched, and what it’s
proposed evolvement will be over a 3-year period.
• Conclusion: A final summary of why, and how this project
will successfully achieve its goal.
• List of References: All sources of information must be
properly referenced using the Harvard system.
• Appendices: Financial projections/ Cash Flow/ Balance
Sheet, Cash flow statements predicting sales for 3 years should be included.
Any references that you choose to include in any
bibliography may be written in the Harvard Referencing Style