Please do not use any AI!! Please do not exceed 4000 words excluding references

Please do not use any AI!!
Please do not exceed 4000 words excluding references and table of contents!!
The structure and subtitles of this marketing plan should exactly follow the content below!
Please use (Kotler, P., & Keller, K. (2021). Marketing Management: Global Edition (16th ed.). Pearson Education, Limited. ) as one of the references
The Appendix must be mentioned and cited in the text
A marketing plan identifies a specific set of organizational goals and outlines a course of actions to achieve those goals. Marketers need a comprehensive marketing plan to provide strategic direction for a good or service.

You should assume the role of marketing consultants specializing in assisting a brand to enter and succeed in an international market. Your client is the senior management of your selected company. You should assume the role of an external consultant.

The marketing plan is focused on the entry of the brand into a selected country where it is currently unavailable.

Content of Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan must include all the sections below. The headings should be used in the table of content and in the text.

– Title page
– Table of Contents
– 1.0 Executive summary (10 marks):
This is a summary of the key findings of your marketing plan. It should be no more than one page. It needs to be concise and useful for senior managers who will read and approve the marketing plan. Accordingly, it must convince them of the marketing plan’s viability.
– 2.0 Situation Analysis (15 marks):
The situation analysis describes the brand, the country selected for entry, the market conditions, and the competition.
2.1 A market relevant justification for the company (product or service) selected, country selected, and market entry strategy (5 marks)
2.2 Market conditions and target customers (5 marks)
Describe the market conditions of the selected country. Review market demand and factors that may affect consumer purchase of the selected brand. Identify the target market according to selected consumer characteristics.
2.3 Competitive analysis (5 marks)
In the selected country, identify key competitors, describe their market positions, and provide an overview of their strategies, i.e., the basis on which they compete.
– 3.0 Marketing Objectives (10 marks)
Marketing objectives that the company aims to attain. Three objectives should be defined and justified in specific terms, including short-term objective, medium-term objective, and long-term objective. Your understanding of the market, customers, and competitors (section 2.0) in your selected country for your brand will determine the duration and justification of short-, medium-, and long-term.
The objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.
– 4.0 Marketing Strategy (40 marks)
The marketing strategy should be based on and linked to the objectives and target customers.
4.1 Product (good or service) strategy (10 marks)
Using Lesson 6 and 8, analyze some aspects of the good/service. For example, the benefits of the product differentiation, positioning of the product versus its competitors, product design and packaging, product line and portfolio, product adaptations, etc. Note that you do NOT need to include all these aspects – choose the most important aspects for the selected brand to enter the selected market.
4.2 Pricing strategy (10 marks)
How should the company set prices? According to Lesson 9, follow the six main steps of setting the price: Defining the pricing objective; Determining demand; Estimating costs; Analyzing competitors’ costs, prices, and offers; Selecting a pricing method; Setting the final price. Analyze and describe each step.
4.3 Distribution strategy (10 marks)
According to Lesson 10, what marketing channels will be used to reach customers? How will these channels work with each other? What specific distribution partners should the company select in this country? Justify your choices. Must show a clear link to the target market and the market conditions that the selected brand is facing.
4.4 Marketing communications strategy (10 marks)
Marketing communications strategy covers all efforts to communicate to the intended target customers. According to Lesson 11, how should the company develop the marketing communication mix for its product (refer to the steps in developing effective communications)? What promotion tactics will be used? What media will be used and how? What marketing communication challenges do you expect to find in the destination country. How will you overcome these challenges? Note that you do NOT need to include all these issues, however you must clearly justify the choices you have made.
– References (5 marks)

Minimum number of references is 15, and the textbook must be cited. Use APA 7th referencing style for citations and references. The quality and relevance of references are important.
– Appendices (5 marks)
You must include tables and/or figures. They should be included in the body of your marketing plan, or as appendices at the end of the report. They are used to illustrate and support your ideas.

*10 marks for research quality.
You are expected to conduct secondary research. The report is supposed to provide sufficient evidence to support your ideas and strategies. Collect and analyze information and secondary data from relevant sources (e.g., academic journals, library databases, mass media, trade magazines) as evidence. Be sure you have read and fully understood the sources you use.

*5 marks for writing style, including presentation, formatting, grammar, syntax, spelling, and clarity.