sing the FIU library, Google Scholar, PubMed, etc., you will identify one (1) jo

sing the FIU library, Google Scholar, PubMed, etc., you will identify one (1) journal article published between April 2020 and June 2024 and write a 2 to 3 page double spaced discussion/critique of the selected article. Examples of possible topic areas include: new research on chronic diseases, FDA recalls, emerging infectious diseases, counseling/therapy/treatments, new developments in health care, new health care policies, issues relating to toxic substances, or environmental influences on our health.
Please use one-inch margins, Arial or Times New Roman12-point font. Please do not summarize the article. Address the questions and discussion points listed below. Each discussion should include the following:
Source of the article, date published, and page number
Critique the article
What is the topic of study?
Why is the study important?
What is the study hypothesis?
What is the independent variable?
What is the dependent variable?
Who was studied/ What is the study population?
If any, what is the selection bias?
If any, what is the confounding factors?
Where was the data collected?
How was the data collected?
Face to face Interviews?
Written questionnaires/surveys?
Telephone interviews?
What is the sample size(s)?
What did they find? What are the results? Are the findings and results valid?
Summarize 3 to 4 major findings