This is a two-part assignment, the Final Paper and Final Presentation. Both Part

This is a two-part assignment, the Final Paper and Final Presentation. Both Part A and Part B must be submitted to complete this assignment. The assignments will be submitted in the assignment submission field as separate files, a Word Document and PowerPoint Presentation/video.
A zero will be given for any part of the Hallmark Assignment submitted late. Both parts are due at the end of week 14.
Hallmark Assignment Part A: Final Paper
This semester we have reviewed various Issues and Trends in Contemporary Nursing Practice. Many objectives have been addressed and met. Please take a moment to reflect on the objectives of the course and develop an 8-10-page scholarly paper stating how you have met the outcomes of this course. 
Course Outcomes
Demonstrate understanding and competence in making decisions in nursing which will promote client-centered care, taking into consideration ethical, clinical, cultural, spiritual, and political implications.
Demonstrate intentional learning with reflection as it relates to decision-making in nursing.
Understand processes of making decisions in nursing, and apply evidence in supporting concepts and processes which relate to practice.
Demonstrate knowledge of how decision-making in nursing practice relates to clinical reasoning and critical thinking, taking into consideration the many facets of decision-making in nursing.
Demonstrate leadership in organizational, local, and global environments as it relates to decision-making in nursing.
Communicate effectively and therapeutically, with and without the use of technology, while making decisions in nursing practice.
Propose evidence-based, culturally-competent nursing care which promotes standard safe practices along with error and hazard prevention and quality improvement practices.
Participate as a collaborative team member in understanding and implementing client care, and in promoting the health of clients while making decisions as nurses in practice.
Final Project – a scholarly paper is written in BSN465 on the achievement of the eight outcomes associated with BSN465. The learner writes an APA formatted paper on meeting the course outcomes listed above.
APA 7th edition format of the American Psychological Association (APA)is the official style used by Nightingale College. This style and format used to cite sources can be referenced from (Links to an external site.)
Hallmark Assignment Part B: Presentation
Develop a 15-20 slide PowerPoint not including the title and reference slides. Be sure to place citations as needed on each slide following APA guidelines. Please provide recorded audio for each slide that is clean and free of any background noise.  Additionally, the PowerPoint slides should be professional in appearance and include graphics, music, photos, embedded video, etc. as appropriate. Be as creative as you desire, but remember to remain professional.