Title: The Rise of Interracial Advertisements in the Mass Media: An Analysis of its Prohibitive History and Growth in the USA

For this essay, Research and Support with quotes and relevant sources: Interracial Advertisings / Commercials and the Mass Media in the USA (Foreign media examples are okay)
* One -1 page on the prohibitive history – include at least one Ad & link from any media platform or product in the USA
* Your observation and supporting research and sources on the increase in numbers (growth) of Interracial Ads, especially on Television (1 page)
* Explain why (2 pages) the increase in these Ads at this time – think analytically and look through the wide-angle lens
* Select at least three Interracial Advertisings (any genre/content such a
pharmaceutical, age, insurance, family, auto) etc.
* Do a brief analysis for each (3 paragraphs – about 1 or 2 pages total for all).
* Make sure you attach the link(s) for each Ad that you have selected.
* Work cited page
· You must obtain at least FIVE different sources
· Two Sources MUST be scholarly from Academic Journals or Articles (Research – Google Scholar)
· Include all Links that you have used for the paper. Start by doing some research. Read different articles about the issue, including editorials as well as news reports, Academic Journals, Stories on IG, Facebook, Youtube Videos, etc. You could also visit the publications of Advertising Age [Ad
Age] and other websites of various groups and organizations. There are multiple media sources and resources based for all aspects of Advertising, Sponsors, Endorsements, and Commercials, since they are the life-blood of the for-profit mass media
1. Begin the paper with a description of the Ads and their context. Then move on to your observations, analysis, and explanation. Link the Ads to our society and culture and reflect if the Ads on TV versus the realities of the society and state are in contradiction, or complement each other. You must demonstrate your understating of some of the pros and cons with historic and contemporary Ads, or related examples, or comparisons.
APA or MLA, either will be fine. Paper must be done in an editable document file (Word doc.) or similar file and be submitted under Assignments as Word File – or similar, editable PDF attachment.
Organization of Paper:
1. Eight-8 to Ten-10 paragraphs of text; clear thesis statement, PLUS, separate cover page & work cited page
2. Number your Pages. 8-10 paragraphs of text is about 4-5 pages +1 cover page +
1 work cited page (5-6 pages total).
3. You must cover the minimum five references (sources) required.
4. Writing Style: APA or MLA
5. One-1 inch margin on all sides
6. Typed – Double Spaced
7. 12pt Font, Times New Roman (or similar)
8. Bibliography/Work Cited on a separate page (of at least 5 sources).
9. Make your quotations clear in italics or quotation marks (“ …”) and give page # from the source or the URL when possible.

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