“Exploring Social and Political Trends in the United States from 1870 to 1945: An In-Depth Analysis” “Work and the Economy in the United States from 1870s to 1945: Factors of Influence and the Most Significant Feature”

you will write to essay questions in a two hour time frame from when I press begin so you have to be online and ready to begin as it is timed though I can start at any time today This timed exam is based on the questions below and will be done through Canvas. You will write one essay worth 120 points. The exam will be available Friday, May 3rd through Saturday night May 4th. Once you open the exam, you will have 2 hours to write your essay. You should make sure you have stable internet and a couple of hours to dedicate to the exam. You can not reopen or redo the exam. The exam is open book/notes. Once you open/start the exam, you will see two essay questions from the list below. Write one essay in response to one of those two questions. To prepare, think about ways to use examples from the readings (digital documents and books), videos, images, and music, and lectures for answering the below questions. Your essay needs to cover the time period from the 1870s to 1945. I recommend preparing outlines for 3 of the questions before you open the exam. That way, statistically, you will be prepared for the exam no matter which questions I select. The essay must be a standard essay with an introduction with a clear argument, paragraphs with examples and analysis and points that support your argument, and a conclusion (see rubric below). The essay must fully and directly answer the question and use specific course materials, especially readings, to support your claims. Exact quotes are not expected, but if you do use the words and ideas of someone else, you need to cite your sources. Citations can look like this: (Zinn, 455) or (Keller Anti-War Statement). And, of course, the essays must be your own work. Plagiarism, cheating, AI generated responses, or other forms of academic dishonesty will generate an F for the assignment and disciplinary action. Stay away from internet sources and only use course materials. To fully answer the question you select, you should include specific examples from the entire time period for the midterm: 1870s to 1945. If you break up that time period into 3 sections, each with its own paragraphs and examples, in your essay, it will be easier. For the essay topics, three sections like this will work well.
On the day you take your exam, you will be submitting your essay twice. First, paste/write your essay into the timed midterm quiz—this is the essay I will grade. BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORK! You must also paste your completed essay (or upload a file of your essay) into the midterm assignment link. Upload your essay either as regular text or a Microsoft Word file. If you use Apple Pages or Google Docs, please convert your file into a Word file. Do not submit a Google Doc link. The hyperlinks for both submissions will be linked above.
Here are the four midterm questions to study for:
1) George Sanchez examines the lives of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles after the U.S. Civil War. Write an essay that compares and contrasts how their lives followed larger trends in U.S. politics and society. As you compare these trends in Sanchez with those in U.S. society, be sure to write about regional differences and different social groups when relevant. Of these trends, which trend stands out the most for helping us understand the United States from the 1870s to 1945 and why? 2) A number of social movements emerged after the Civil War to challenge the nation’s dominant political culture, liberalism, and to make the labor question the national question to address. Write about the three kinds of social movements that worked on solving the economic and political problems related to the labor question from the 1870s to 1945. Of the three kinds of social movements, which kind of social movement or which specific movement had the best chance of solving the labor question for the most people and why?
3) Write an essay that examines violence and inequality from the 1870s through 1945. You might consider the role of government, employers, race and ethnicity, religion, class, gender, workers, and war as examples for the development of your essay. What feature of U.S. society best helps us understand the violence and inequality in this era and why?
4) Write an essay that examines work and the economy from the 1870s through 1945. As you describe economic change and continuity, causes of economic change and the effects, be sure to consider how factors such as race, gender, class, foreign policy, technology, labor unions, region, the environment, and government policies might have influenced work and the economy. Based on your analysis of the events, what is the most important feature of work and the economy during this time period?
HIST 102 Midterm Grading Rubric
A (120-108 points): Contains a well-developed thesis that directly and fully addresses the question and offers a strong understanding of the question/historical problem. Presents an effective analysis of the entire time period (1870s to 1945) of the question. Uses a substantial number of specific examples from HIST 102 course materials, especially the readings, effectively, accurately, and in service of supporting points and claims. Compares different historical interpretations when relevant and the experiences of different groups, regions, and people. Contains analysis at the paragraph level to support claims and larger argument of paper. Clearly organized and written. May have insignificant errors.

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