Task Description Drawing on the literature, frameworks, arguments and concepts i

Task Description
Drawing on the literature, frameworks, arguments and concepts introduced in this subject, write a 3,000 word essay addressing ONE of these topics. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your understanding of the general food system structures, power relations and dynamics that are discussed in the lectures and reading material across the first ten weeks of the subject. You are expected to draw on and engage directly with the food politics literature referred to in this subject and available on Canvas. Illustrate your arguments with specific examples and case studies, and be clear about the geographical context of your examples.
Your essay must draw upon and reference at least 5 of the core and extended reading lists related to the topic on Canvas to receive a pass grade.
1. The Double-Burden of Malnutrition
The double-burden of malnutrition refers to the coexistence of multiple forms of malnutrition, and in particular a combination of dietary health issues related to undernutrition and overweight/obesity/non- communicable diseases, and is associated with the nutrition transition in low and middle-income countries.
Discuss: (i) the nutrition transition and the dietary determinants of the double burden of malnutrition; (ii) the food environment and food system drivers of this nutrition transition; and (iii) the existing and proposed dietary strategies to prevent and reduce the prevalence of the double-burden of malnutrition.
FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS Assessment criteria:
Conceptual understanding:
●  Discusses issues, ideas and arguments relevant to the chosen topic
●  Supports arguments/position with relevant and contextualised examples and evidence
●  Goes beyond description of the issues to interpret the nuances and complexities of arguments and
●  Uses relevant theories, concepts and frameworks to analyse and interpret the topic
Evidence of research and citation
●  Uses a diversity of high-quality, relevant sources in all paragraphs
●  Literature is synthesised in author’s own voice
●  Accurately and consistently cites all sources in text and in Reference List using APA Style
●  Note that you must use and reference at least 5 of the texts from the core and/or extended reading
lists for this subject in order to pass this assessment.
Structure & Organisation
●  Essay is logically organised with paragraphs well-developed and clearly linked to the topic
●  Writing is clear, professional and succinct with minimal errors
it is crucial to use the resources i attached in this order.