This essay asks you to focus on one or two aspects of Zeitoun and to compare how

This essay asks you to focus on one or two aspects of Zeitoun and to compare how those things occur in the book with how they occur today.  To identify a topic, think about the aspects of the story that seem to develop into themes or reoccurring ideas.  For example, you might notice racial profiling against particular groups in the book, and connect that to racial profiling of certain groups that might happen today.  You might also notice the slow or disorganized FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina victims and compare that to FEMA responses today to see if things have changed or improved. As long as you develop a discussion about events in the book and compare those with a current event happening now, any reasonable topic is fine. 
Once you identify the issue you want to discuss and research, use the college databases to find credible articles on that topic, both as a current event and as an event during Hurricane Katrina.  You may also use articles from credible periodicals, like The Atlantic.  Additionally, you may use credible online news sources, like or  Other credible sites, like the, are also acceptable, as are documentaries. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source for this essay. We will discuss credible sources together in class.
As you develop talking points for your essay, consider the following:  how does this issue come up in the book? Why is it significant? How does it impact Zeitoun and his family, or other people in the book? What does the research article say about this issue?  Does it support what the book says? Have things changed since Katrina with regard to the issue?  What problems still exist or what improvements have been made?  What can we learn from your comparison?
Your essay should provide a fully developed discussion of the book that is accentuated by material from the article.  It should also have a thesis that makes some arguments about the connection between the book and your research.   
Length: 6-8 pages, including works cited page
Source Requirement: at least 4 outside credible sources from our databases AND Zeitoun.  One source must be from a peer-reviewed journal.
At least 3 of your sources must have been published in the last 5 years. 
Introduction in funnel format with an argumentative thesis at the end:  20 points
Well-focused paragraphs that support the thesis and provide cohesive discussion:  30 points
Quoted material is used fairly and integrated using MLA format / Signal Phrases:   20 points
Works Cited page: 15 points
Paper has been carefully proofread: 15 points