As economic times change, management styles have changed accordingly. New concep

As economic times change, management styles have changed
accordingly. New concepts and issues of management styles have been analyzed,
synthesized, and evaluated to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. The
concept of change management has gained great acceptance and/or disapproval by
all sectors.
Katzenbach wrote that “Real change leaders are the linchpins connecting 3
critical forces for organizational change and performance: top leadership
aspirations (what are we trying to become?) workforce energy and productivity
(how will we climb the mountain?) and the marketplace reality (what do our
target customers truly seek, and what can and will our potential competitors
really do?)
Analyze the changes in the management field to determine if there have been
periods of time in which leaders in the field, as well as actual practitioners
in the field, have had to address the issue of change management. Specifically,
this analysis should be based on a synthesis of the current literature to
demonstrate how leaders in your field of study have addressed the issue of
change management – as well as any changes in management style. Finally, the
student should relate these specific changes to their own current, previous,
and/or future career paths. This analysis should help to reveal how you have
seen changes occur over the past decade or so in your field. Finally, what
possible changes, suggestions and/or recommendations would you consider to be
necessary in your field of study?
Write a well-researched, thorough response to the questions posed above in an
APA7 format paper. Include 7 scholarly references.