Assignment for the week. Submit an OUTLINE of your paper into the Drop Box provi

Assignment for the week. Submit an OUTLINE of your paper into the Drop Box provided.. If you Google “outline for a paper” or “paper outline,” you should see some simple examples. Remember, the topic of your paper will be the same for your Power Point.
An outline is just a bare-bones description of what your paper will be about. 
THEN you will do the actual paper and slides 
Paper and Power Point BASIC Guidelines
The Writing Assignment (Paper) AND the Power Point Topic MUST be the same.
Please be guided by the following:
Paper (Writing Assignment):
1. 2-pages of content, 12-point font size, double-spaced. Use 2 references.
2. There should be a title page, then 2 pages of content, then the last page should be your references/citations page. Use Microsoft Word or similar format.
3. Papers must abide by the requirements in the Writing Assignment Guidelines.
4. Regarding the Drop Box for the Writing Assignment (Paper) – You can submit your Paper to the Paper Drop Box as many times as you wish to test your Safe Assign Similarity Score. It MUST be 25% or less. Only the last submission to the Paper Drop Box will receive a grade.
5. For the paper, refer to the Writing Assignment Guidelines for additional information. Make sure you are fully aware of the due date and time along with the requirements for submission. DO NOT simply paraphrase your paper from other sources or plagiarize.
Power Point Presentation:
1. The Power Point must be submitted to the Power Point Drop Box by the due date/time.
2. The Power Point will be the same subject matter as your Paper (Writing Assignment).
3. The Power Point should be approximately 5-6 slides total. A separate cover slide must have the subject title and student name. The cover slide does not count as 1 of the 5-6 slides.
4. Two to three slides should be narrative. Please use “bullet” (one-line) points. No drawn-out narrative or long sentences/paragraphs.
5. The remaining slides should be statistics, graphics, photos, etc.
6. Proof ALL your work (spelling, grammar, etc.) THOROUGHLY. Points may be deducted as well as for consistency, presentation, knowledge of subject, etc.