Candidates will write 2-3 page reflection (answer the questions) on each of the

Candidates will write 2-3 page reflection (answer the questions) on each of the brief cases located in the

textbook.APA writing style. Gladding, S. (2020) Groups: A Counseling Specialty (8th ed.). Hoboken, NJ : Pearson.

Mathew the Mouth Mathew has always been anxious, but Jim, the school counselor, thought he might help Mathew become less anxious by inviting him to participate in a friendship group. Jim did all the right things in making sure there were several popular kids in the group and that the individuals in the group were diverse. Mathew did not respond as Jim thought he might. Each session he seemed to be just as anxious as the session before. Jim constantly had to remind him of group rules, especially his propensity to keep talking once he got the floor. Finally, Jim thought he had no other choice but to disinvite Mathew from coming to further group sessions. He thought maybe he could then begin to counsel Mathew individually. His idea was to help Mathew make appropriate behavioral choices through their one-on-one interaction and that in doing so Mathew would become calmer. Questions What do you think of Jim’s plan? What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? If someone does not do well in a group, do you think they are likely to do better in one-on-one interactions? Why or why not?


Osscar’s Career Exploration Group As a community volunteer, Oscar gives 2 hours of his time each week to work with Hugh, the high school counselor. Instead of focusing on individual students, Oscar and Hugh decide to lead an after-school group for students who are interested in exploring careers. The group will be psychoeducational. Seventeen students show up for the group, and Oscar and Hugh structure it so that topics include careers that vary in their educational requirements. They bring in outside speakers to talk about their own careers and how they decided to follow their chosen paths. The 10-week course is a big success Questions If you were Oscar or Hugh, how might you follow up this group? What careers would you include in a group like the one described? Why?