“Exploring Legal Issues in Business Financing and Competition: A Case Study Analysis of the Bills of Exchange Act 1949 and Competition Act 2010”

Business Financing
Michael is a contractor who typically receives payment for his work via bank transfer. For his latest January 2024 project, the client accidentally issued a cheque instead. Upon inspection, Michael noticed the date written on the cheque was 1 June 2024 and contained several spelling mistakes in the company name. Additionally, the cheque was written in Malay language, but Michael is a German that does not understand Malay. On top of that, Michael noticed that the cheque was written using a combination of pencil, and purple coloured ink.
Use Bills of Exchange Act 1949 and decisions of previous cases to explain to Michael the validity of the cheque. 
Business Competition
ChargeCo and PowerVolt are the two major companies that dominate the EV market. Both offer similar fast-charging stations and subscription plans for access. They operated individually and are not connected to each other.
In November 2023, both ChargeCo and PowerVolt simultaneously announced identical price increases for their subscriptions and in January 2024, they entered into an agreement on their market share. In the agreement,  ChargeCo focuses on urban areas whereas and PowerVolt concentrates on rural locations, avoiding direct competition between one another.
Use Competition Act 2010 and decision of previous cases (from www.mycc.gov.my)  to explain whether this conduct amounts to the prohibitions by Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC). Also explain the remedial action that MyCC can take if these conducts are found to be in breach of the Act.  
1.     You are required to write in an essay format suitable for an academic report within the word limit of 2, 000 – 2,500 words.
2.     Citation and references, as well as tables and appendices will not be considered as part of the word count.
3.     References for answering the questions should include at least two (2) published journals, Bills of Exchange Act 1949, Competition Act 2010, and a minimal reference to internet resources.
4.     Both in-text citation and general referencing using APA Referencing system must be adopted for this assignment. 
5.     Your essay must adhere to standard documentation requirements:
§  Font           :           Times New Roman
§  Font Size   :           12
§  Spacing     :           1.5
6.     Please draw your attention to APU’s regulations on plagiarism; these regulations apply to this coursework. Any information taken from any source MUST be cited and referenced using the APA Referencing method. APU general referencing guide can be found on: https://library.apiit.edu.my/apa-referencing/
Assessment Criteria
This assessment will be marked based on the following criteria:-
CONTENT: Clarity and flow of information and the ability to consider the legal issues within the constraints of the word limit
RESEARCH: Good and balanced research towards critical evaluation rather than plain description. Appropriate and different sources must be reviewed, focusing on academic research and not just secondary research from URLs.
LITERATURE REVIEW: Comprehensive review of the selected texts and the ability to support views presented with proper reasoning
REFERENCING AND CITATION: Use of APA Referencing method to identify the source(s) of information.
OVERALL STRUCTURE: Use of proper language and grammar; work must be type-written, neat and presentable

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