Final Project Details Details: The final project for this class will require you

Final Project Details
The final project for this class will require you to pick a media piece of your choice (can be a movie, song, book, etc.) and analyze it through a sociological lens.
You will then create a presentation slideshow through the medium of your choice (Slides, PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi, etc.).
You must apply a minimum of 4 separate sociological concepts or theories to your selected media piece.
Content wise, your presentation must include the following:
a short description of your selected media piece
an explanation of each theory/concept you chose
the specific scenes or lyrics that demonstrate each theory/concept
a rationale and analysis for each theory/concept
a conclusion summarizing your overall thoughts/impression of your media piece as it relates to sociology
Your presentation is required to be at least 6 slides long, though I suggest that you not limit yourself to only 6 slides. Be as creative as you want in terms of style – just make sure that your slides are easy to read.
You are required to make use of the source material from the book. When citing the book, please use the following citation format (OpenStax College 2021). You are not required to use outside sources, though you may if you’d like. If you only use the book, you are not required to provide a reference page. However, if you do use outside sources, you will need to provide a reference page in either APA or ASA format at the end of your slideshow.
The earlier you submit your media piece for approval the better, as it gives you a longer time to work on your project.