h  Contact an individual from the cultural group selected in module two (with th

Contact an individual from the cultural group selected in module two (with their consent) and conduct a cultural interview.  
This interview can be in person, over the phone, or through a video call. 
The individual can be a patient, neighbor, grandparent, in-law, or friend. Do not use your parent, brother, sister, spouse, or significant other. 
Respect the interviewee’s privacy and cultural beliefs. 
Use the interview questions developed in Module 2 based on Module 1’s mind map and the textbook’s FIG. 1.1 and FIG. 1.2 in Chapter 1 as the blueprint and guide for your interview.
Take notes during the interview to capture the key points discussed. 
Use voiceover PowerPoint, Canvas Studio Screen Capture, Teams, or Zoom to narrate the PowerPoint presentation you will create to share the results of the interview. 
Be sure to answer the following questions in the presentation: 
Did your preconceptions or stereotypes influence the interview process? 
What cultural factors emerged during the interview that could impact healthcare decisions?
How might you adapt your nursing practice to provide culturally competent care for individuals from this cultural group based on the interview insights? 
Submission Instructions:
The presentation is to be original work and logically organized, formatted, and cited in the current APA style, including citations and references.
The PowerPoint presentation should consist of 10-15 slides and be 10-15 minutes in length. Use voiceover PowerPoint, Canvas Studio Screen Capture, Teams, or Zoom to narrate the PowerPoint presentation. 
How do I record a Canvas Studio video using a webcam?
How to submit Canvas Studio media as a File Upload
Incorporate a minimum of 4 current (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles should be referenced according to the current APA style (the online library has an abbreviated version of the APA Manual).
The  Questions asked are 
and General Questions
Can you tell
me a little about your background and your experience living in the United
States, that’s different from living in Haiti
What are some
important aspects of Haitian culture that you think are important for
healthcare providers to understand?
Beliefs and Practices
How do you
and your family typically approach healthcare and wellness?
Are there any
traditional Haitian health practices or remedies that you or your family use?
How do you
view the role of traditional healers or herbal medicine in your culture?
Family and
Social Structure
Can you
describe the role of family in healthcare decisions in your culture?
How do you
typically support a family member who is ill?
Religious and
Spiritual Beliefs
How do your
religious or spiritual beliefs influence your views on health and illness?
Are there any
specific rituals or practices related to health and healing that are important
in your culture?
and Interaction with Healthcare Providers
How do you
prefer to communicate with healthcare providers?
Are there any
cultural norms or practices that I should be aware of when interacting with you
or your family in a healthcare setting?
on Western Medicine
What has been
your experience with Western medicine and healthcare providers in the United
Are there any
aspects of Western medicine that you find particularly helpful or unhelpful?
Barriers to
Have you
encountered any barriers to accessing healthcare services? If so, what were
How do you
think healthcare providers can better support the Haitian community?
Education and Prevention
What do you
think are the most important health issues facing the Haitian community?
How do you
typically receive information about health and wellness?
Can you tell
me about any specific dietary practices or restrictions that are important in
your culture?
How do you
feel these dietary practices impact your health?
What are some
cultural practices or beliefs related to end-of-life care and decisions?
Is there
anything else you think I should know about your culture to provide better