I need it by next week on 23 May 2024 and I made the deadline long to make sure

I need it by next week on 23 May 2024 and I made the deadline long to make sure that meets all requirements after each review.
Please, answer on all questions with your own words to avoid the plagiarism with total wordcount is 3900 words.
Case study 
You are a learning and development business partner who wants to share both
your thinking and understanding of the advances in digital learning with other
learning and development professionals. You also want to provide a practical
demonstration of how to provide an engaging live online training session, using
quality resources and varied facilitation techniques provided by a platform of
your choice. 
For Task 1, you should provide a written response to a series of questions. 
Preparation for tasks: 
• At the start of the assignment, you are encouraged to plan your
assessment work with your line manager and where appropriate, agree
milestones so that they can help you monitor your progress. 
• Refer to the indicative content in the unit guide and support your
• Pay attention to how your evidence is presented, remember you are
working in the People Development Team for this task. 
• Ensure that the evidence generated for this assessment remains your
own work.
You will also benefit from: 
• Acting on formative feedback from your tutor. 
• Attending tutor support sessions and cohort cafes. 
• Reflecting on your own experiences of learning opportunities, training
and continuing professional development. 
• Utilising CIPD factsheets, reports and podcasts, as well as any other
online material on these topics.    
Task 1 – Written response
You need to provide written responses to the following questions:
1. Evaluate how the development of technology, along with digital collaboration
has impacted the design and delivery of learning and development over the
past five years. Also evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of learning
management systems (LMS) versus learner experience platforms (LXP) (AC 1.1). 
2. Evaluate one risk or challenge technology-based learning and development
poses for each of the categories listed below and how these are being
addressed for:
• Organisations – (part of AC 1.2)
• L&D professionals – (part of AC 1.2).
• Learners – (part of AC 1.2) 
3. Discussion on the use of synchronous and asynchronous activities in learning.
Then assess three different types of digital learning content including the “pros
and cons” of the application of each. (AC 2.1). 
4. Evaluate three attributes that you would consider helping you to choose the
right digital learning content to maximise learner engagement and how you
would ensure that the content meets the identified learning need (AC 2.2). 
5. Any three facilitation functionalities, with a brief description of the potential
strengths and weaknesses of these functions when used to aid learning (AC
6. Discuss how facilitation of a live online learning activity can differ from
facilitation of a face-to-face learning activity and the implications of this for:
(AC 3.2)
a. Facilitators.
b. Learners.
c. Learning Administration. 
7. Assess three key facilitation skills required to facilitate live online learning, then
pick one that you wish to develop further and provide yourself with a SMART
Development Objective (AC3.3).
Your evidence must consist of:
Written responses to the questions, consisting of around 3,900 words (+/-10%).
Please use the assessment criteria numbers as your headings.