“Identifying Focus Four Hazards: A Tally Sheet Analysis”

This is a somewhat dated video and a little bit over-acted. However, the accurate and detailed depiction of Focus Four hazards makes it very useful. Watch the video, but before you do, prepare a little tally sheet with rows for:
Fall hazards
Struck by hazards
Caught in/Caught between hazards
Electrical hazards
Every time you see a fall hazard depicted—whether it is being controlled or not—jotdown the minute and second of the video on your tally sheet in the row for fall hazards. There should be about three entries for each type of hazard. For example, at minute 4:10 there is a worker standing next to a heavy swinging sewer pipe posing a struck-by hazard. Post your tally sheet to a new thread on the discussion forum.
Then compare notes with your classmates (or group members) by commenting on at least two other posts. Focus not about what time signature you recorded, but the nature of the hazard. Normally, at this stage of the course, there will be many different hazards noted: that’s the idea. As a wise professor once said, there is a big difference between “looking” for a hazard, and “seeing” one. We are beginning to train ourselves to “see” hazards in the myriad of our daily lives, and in particular, on construction sites we pass on the way to work, and so forth.

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