important part of any course is reflection: taking time for serious thought conc

important part of any course is reflection: taking time for serious thought concerning your recent learning experience. In a thorough, organized response of at least 300 words, please reflect on your experience in English 102. Please address at least two of the bullet points below in your response:
-How has your understanding of leadership grown or changed upon taking this class? For instance, who are some characters from our assigned reading who taught you the most about the value of authentic servant leadership- in either a positive or negative sense- and what did you learn from their examples? Finally, how do you think that reading literature can help someone become a more effective, empathetic leader? Be specific.
– Now that you have completed this course, do you think that all college students should study this subject? How might this class be beneficial even for non-English majors? Could you apply anything you have learned or practiced in this class in other courses? Explain.
•What reading, activity, or assignment helped you learn most, and why? What assignment was the most challenging for you, and why?
What was something the professor did in their approach to the course that you particularly liked? Explain.
– Were the time management strategies you used for this class successful? Did you use any of the provided resources (such as free tutoring, the MLA Formatting & Citations Guide linked in class, the GMC Online Librarian, etc.) to help you succeed in the course? Why or why not? What might you change about your approach to improve further in future classes?