In your own words, write a brief statement expressing your motivation or desire

In your own words, write a brief statement expressing your motivation or desire to become a physician assistant. Keep your statement general as it is shared with all programs you apply to. Your essay cannot exceed 5,000 characters. MAIN ESSAY: Please explain why you are interested in being a PA? My experiances are I was a medical assistant intern for 2000 hours taking vitals, organzing files, prepping exam rooms etc. , Pharmacy tech 2000 hours, an EMT for only 40 hours, 400 hours volunteering at the hospital and 600 hours as a home health aid. I NEED THIS TO BE INCREDIBLY GOOD PLEASE DONT MESS THIS UP FOR ME, PLEASE I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF A GOOD ESSAY THAT WILL WOW THE ADMISSIONS COUNSLER SINCE I AM A BAD WRITER. PLEASE ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOU CAN DO THIS FOR ME. NO PLAIGARISM WHATSOEVER. Ill pay extra.
My outline:
Introduction. Purpose: demonstrate that you are human(obstacle, challenge, success, characteristic. It defines the theme of your essay)(if you just have to use a cheesy story put it here but don’t finish the story, use the conclusion to tie in whatever lesson you learned)
How I learned about the PA profession. Purpose: demonstration of my understanding of the profession
Why I want to be a PA. Purpose: explain why I want to join this profession
What experience have I had that will help me succeed in PA school. Purpose: Give examples of my ability to succeed in PA school past performance~future performance.
Plans for career if accepted. Purpose: explanation of long term goals
Purpose: demonstration of commitment to becoming a PA
Closing. Purpose: leave the reader with a final impression.