Jeffery Dahmer is a well known serial killer from Milwaukee, acrroding to Mulroy

Jeffery Dahmer is a well known serial killer from Milwaukee, acrroding to Mulroy (2023) 
Drinking affected Jreffrey Dahmer’s schoolwork and work, and the reason he couldn’t finish school or find a job was that he was drinking a lot of alcohol, which made him drink, and he started getting poor grades, which made the Ohio State University expel him, according to Leo (2023). When Jeffrey Dahmer got expelled and fell short of finishing college, he decided to join the Army, and “he was trained to become a combat medic at Fort Sam Houston”, Texas. After he finished training, “he was deployed in Baumholder”, West Germany, “and only lasted two years because of his alcoholism”, according to Leo (2023). 
Being gay affected Jreffrey Dahmer’s with him loving being around boys and had a boyfriend, like when prom was coming up. Jeffrey Dahmer had a prom named Bridget Geiger, who was a girl, but he left her to meet his boyfriend and returned 3 hours later after the event happened and offered her a ride when he was slightly drunk, but she got home safe, according to Leo (2023). After high school was over, he wasn’t talking to Bridget Geiger anymore and moved on with his life, which took him to his first murder case, which was a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks. He murdered him by hitting a dumbbell in the back of his head, according to Leo (2023). 
Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents getting divorced affected his working jobs and school. After high school,  Jeffrey Dahmer worked a lot of odd jobs. After serving in the army, he worked at Delicateseen in Miami, Florida. His subsequent work was at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center, according to Polkes (2019). Jeffrey Damer needed to drink alcohol before killing because he didn’t want to kill them, and the families of Dahmer’s victims tried to sue Budweiser; they claimed the company that led Jeffrey to start his crimes played a vital role in Dahmer’s alcoholism, according to Polkes (2019).