Title: Epidemiology Graph Analysis: Chronic Disease in a Developing Country

Epidemiology Graph
Choose an epidemiology graph of a chronic disease of your choice in a developing country from a peer reviewed resource.
Explain in one (1) paragraph why you chose that graph. A paragraph is minimum of three sentences. 
Describe in one (1) paragraph what the graph is illustrating.
Last paragraph should explain how the data from that graph may forecast the future of that disease and country.
Be sure to include the graph in your document on a separate page.
This assignment should be a minimum of 2 pages, one page with the written information (See items 2,3 and 4). The other page should include the graph with reference to where the graph was obtained from. https://guides.himmelfarb.gwu.edu/APA/image-electronicLinks to an external site.
Upload your document to this assignment by clicking “Upload File”.
1-Integration of epidemiology concept
Integrates the importance of epidemiology when evaluating the disease chosen to present in graph.-45pts
2-Evaluation of epidemiology trends
Evaluates and compares epidemiologic and population-level data of a chronic disease in a developing country and how the spread of the disease will affect the population.-45pts
3-Organization and Mechanics
The mechanics and organization of the assignment follows assignment requirements. The content, length and format of the assignment are made according to the course requirements.-10pts

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