Title: Exploring Para- and Post-Colonial Critiques in Blood Quantum Through a Scene Analysis

If you need a link to the two movies let me know.
This is a 500 – 750 word* assignment where you will make a focused, researched argument based on one of the questions listed below:
Both Blood Quantum and Atlantics present para- and post-colonial zombie/possession narratives that critique not only larger colonial systems but intra-communal violences — patriarchal and misogynist violences in particular. Choose one of these films and select a scene that captures some of these nuances. How do the directors develop visual, sonic or formal queues to support the political or social themes they’re developing? Remember to choose a reading from the syllabus when building your thesis.
You are required to:
Have a thesis statement that states your argument, the conceptual frameworks or terms you’re using and the scene you’ve chosen to focus on in a clear and concise manner.
Discuss one scene of the film you’ve chosen that demonstrates your argument particularly well.
Although you should only discuss one scene of the film, you are required to watch the film in full and you must demonstrate that you know the basic facts of the film, filmmaker and the period in which the film was created.  You should be able to identify the actors and the names of the characters they are playing, if relevant.  
Discuss one formal quality of this sequence. [Example: mise-en-scene, lighting, sound, composition, editing, frame rate, deep focus, camera movement] *Please note, if you are not a film major, you are responsible for consulting the resources listed below and reaching out to schedule a meeting during office hours ahead of time in order to address questions and concerns.
Include one sources from the course reading materials. You should demonstrate that you understand the concepts and points of the reading, using direct quotes and summarizing their meaning in your own words.
Demonstrate a clear understanding of how your argument fits into the historical, cultural or social context of this film. You should consult lecture materials, course readings and supplemental readings.
*All written work will be double-spaced, written in Times New Roman 12-point, and use standard margins. Proofread your work for grammatical and spelling errors. 
*Essays longer than 750 words will be penalized 1 point for each word over the limit. If you can’t make your argument in the space provided, reduce the scope of your argument.
Each assignment will also have a correctly formatted works cited page that includes citations for any films and texts cited, paraphrased, or consulted.  All written work will use current MLA formatting for analysis essays including in-text parenthetical citations.

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