Title: Navigating Acculturation: Strategies for Recent Immigrants in the United States

Write a list of rules for recent immigrants to the United States of America. This list should be no less than 10. Include both implicit and explicit norms for behaviors, communication, and interpersonal relationships.
Case: Maria Reyes is a 15-year-old Mexican American. Her parents immigrated to this country the year before she was born. The family is entering treatment complaining of Maria’s behavior at home and at school. The mother reports that Maria is receiving good grades at school, but has an “attitude problem” and “talks back” to her teachers. The father indicates that Maria also “talks back” to them at home. Maria states that she feels that her parents are extremely strict, and that they are prohibiting her from developing friendships. For example, all of her American friends can date, and they frequently go to the movies or games at school with dates. Maria reports that she has been unable to attend any of these functions. Based on the readings, identify the levels of acculturation for each number of the Reyes family.
From this case study, you will develop a 500-650 word paper where you will discuss and examine What additional information is needed to confirm the level of acculturation? Then you will discuss three techniques to use in therapy with Maria and/or her family. What outcomes would you expect from this treatment? Is there a specific timeline by which to expect results? Why or why not? You will be expected to use APA format for your paper with the objectives outlined above as separate headings and subheadings where appropriate. Your document should be written in Times New Roman font and double spaced with a proper title page. Please refer to the APA Seventh Edition Manual for formatting. Include a minimum of 3 citations in your paper to detail your support above and beyond the text.

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