Title: The Value of Pursuing a Career in Real Estate After High School Graduation

Directions as written by my teacher- 
Introduction paragraph: 
-include a thesis statement that provides your position about going to college, trades school, or starting a career after graduating highschool. (You can pick anything I don’t care if you pick a career, I’d like it to be something along the lines of real estate) 
– remember that a paragraph is a minimum of 3-5 clear and well developed sentences 
Body of the essay: 
– write a minimum of 5-7 paragraphs for this section 
– include one claim to support your thesis statement for each paragraph 
-use at least 3 of the sources provided to you on the argumentative writing skills page 
Source 1:https://www.pbs.org/newshour/education/decades-pushing-bachelors-degrees-u-s-needs-tradespeople 
Source 2: https://digitalcommons.linfield.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1709&context=linfield_magazine 
Source 3: https://www.youtube.com/embed/YX9NWYz3Gzk 
Source 4: https://college-education.procon.org/
-include quotes or paraphrases from one of your sources followed by an in-text citation for each paragraph 
-provide a source for at least one counter argument and explain why the counter argument is not valid 
-remember when including quotes from a source try to keep this to one sentence within a body paragraph. 
-remember that a paragraph is typically a minimum of 3-5 sentences 
Conclusion paragraph: 
-restate the position you provided in your thesis statement 
-write at least 3 sentences that summarize the claims you made in your body paragraphs 
-make sure you do not present new details 
-use MLA format 
-list all the sources used in your argument 
I will pay more if needed, but these are the directions thank you. 

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