Topic: Indigenous communities in Mexico, especially in Oaxaca having limited acc

Topic: Indigenous communities in Mexico, especially in Oaxaca having limited access to healthcare and the influence of globalization in their communities and how the environment has affected numerous communities.
Describe your social action project, and provide as much documentation as possible of its implementation. Give us a clear and specific sense of what you did for your claims-making project, including what you created and how you disseminated it. This should include an overview of the information you provided about your issue.
Provide rationale for your social action project. Why did you make the specific choices you did (format, content, tone, delivery, etc.) for this claims-making effort? Were there certain things you left out or chose not to do?
Evaluate your project as a social action effort. Do you think this effort was successful, unsuccessful, or somewhere in between? What do you think worked well? What would you have done differently in hindsight? What lessons did you learn about social action by doing this project? Connect to relevant course concepts, theories, information, etc.
Engage your audience. In addition to informing the class about your issue and your experience of  social action, you should aim to keep us interested in what you’re presenting.
What was your goal?
What did you create?
How did you implement/disseminate your project? In other words, how did you ensure that your project reached an audience?
Why did you do it this way?
What went well? What were the strengths of your project?
What would you do differently? What were the challenges/weaknesses?