You have been hired as manager of a governmental or nonprofit agency in your sta

You have been hired
as manager of a governmental or nonprofit agency in your state. The agency’s
methods are antiquated, resulting in high turnover rates for agency employees
and poor service distribution for those in need. The paper-based systems still
used causes issues with payroll, personnel management, and budgeting for
services you provide to the community. Your first task is to create a proposal
to the state director, analyzing ways to make the agency more efficient. The
proposal should evaluate the usefulness of technological innovation to
enhancing the service provision of your agency. Up to this point in the course,
we analyzed theories on the utilization of technology within public
administration and public policy, addressed concerns for the future of public
administration and public service organizations, and evaluated public
organization personnel management. Your proposal should synthesize this
material and relate this information to a real-world agency. At a minimum,
cover the following topics in your proposal:
Discuss the technological challenges facing
public service organizations. Specifically, discuss the root problems and
issues facing your organization from the lack of technology and advancement.
Explain steps you can take to help eliminate
technological challenges in your agency. Make your line of reasoning evident
and provide justification for why you are making these changes.
Evaluate issues facing the agency in the present
day as well as in the near future.
Discuss administration, management, and ethics
issues within the workforce.
What approaches can you use to address personnel
Formulate solutions to real-world problems in
the agency.
Make recommendations for updating the agency and
incorporating technological innovations to improve service delivery to those
served by the agency. Be specific, and address at least two new technology
enhancements that can be used to make the agency more efficient.
Differentiate how this agency differs in
function from public organizations in at least one other democracy in the
Make sure your proposal develops all of the
assigned items effectively. The proposal should present insightful analysis of
the issues and utilize course concepts and analytical tools to explain your
rationale and decisions for changes. 
Completed Proposal must be at least four pages in length and at least three Peer Reviewed Sources. Adhere to APA Style when constucting the assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. No abstract is needed. 
This formal paper example which shows this type of formatting is attached.