Business Operations Presentation


Your business operations skill is important for being able to identify risks associated with various financing options and projects for capital projects that fund growth, purchase equipment and inventory, hire additional staff, and build new facilities.

You have been promoted to CFO at your hospital. The hospital’s CEO has requested that you present an evaluation of budgetary options for future purchases based on industry competition to the board of directors. In the presentation, focus on budgetary financing strategies and solutions in the operations of the hospital.

If you address nursing shortage, supply-chain disruption, or outsourcing in your assessment deliverable presentation, review and consider using the following articles from the “Summative Assessment: Business Operations Presentation” section in the Week 5 University Library as the primary resources for your presentation.

Nursing shortage topic resource: “As COVID-19 Worsens Nursing Shortage, Madison Hospitals, Schools Step Up”
Supply-chain disruption topic resource: “Inflation Rattles Hospital Supply Chain and Labor Pool With no End in Sight”
Outsourcing topic resource: “Research and Markets Adds Report: Medical Billing Outsourcing Market” and “The Good, the Bad and the Outsourced”
Assessment Deliverable
Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation in which you:

Evaluate effective financial options for outsourcing operations of key departments, such as information systems, medical billing, and human resources (HR).
Evaluate how you would implement just-in-time inventory management (e.g., in the OR, central sterile supply, or pharmacy departments) to optimize inventory management.
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using a flexible budget to meet the organization’s staffing needs.
Describe the decision-making factors when determining whether to lease or buy equipment (e.g., Should I buy or lease an MRI or CT scan?).
Describe the effect of financing strategies on the cost of capital.
Identify and describe the benefits and risks of debt financing (e.g., how to manage working capital through accounts payable).

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