Essay 4: Putting it All Together (100 points) This semester we have worked on th

Essay 4: Putting it All Together (100 points)
This semester we have worked on the following writing skills:
Drafting enticing introductions
Drafting two-part thesis statements that include a clear focus and provide reasoning
Drafting summary paragraphs to explain what the experts say (“they say”)
Drafting response paragraphs that respond to the experts in one of three ways (“I say”)
Conducting research to help support the positions presented in the essay
Presenting the positions of those who oppose the views of the essay (planting a naysayer)
Drafting solid conclusions that tie the essay together
Citing all sources properly according to MLA style (both in text citation and works cited page format)
This paper allows you to put all that work together to showcase all you have learned about drafting college level essays. Including all of the bullet points above, please write an essay that answers the following question:
Many of the healers quoted in this book view health as movement and illness as blockage on either the physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual level. What do you think about this theory?
To answer this question, you will need to do a few things:
Take a position: clearly agree or disagree or partially agree with the theory
Conduct additional research about this topic. You may want to conduct more research into the concept of chi and its role in Chinese medicine.
In addition to using the Radical Remission text in the paper, include information from at least 2 additional resources that you find on your own. One resource must be from an academic database. The other can be an academic resource of your choice. In other words, you can choose two resources from an academic database or your can use one from the academic database and one from online.
This essay should be 6 pages (1500 words) not including the Works Cited page.