In two pages, write on the following topic posted by my professor. For the last

In two pages, write on the following topic posted by my professor. For the last bullet, write with a disapproval point of view as I am against any medical offspring options being made. I feel like the meaning of life would not be wholesome with A.I. like humans. I believe we are akin to nature like flowers and trees. We are made from seeds, we need water, air, sun, and oxygen to grow.  Me living on a plant-based diet aligns with this harmony by avoiding the consumption of blood from a deceased animal and instead deriving strength from living fruits and vegetables. This connection to the vitality of plants reflects my belief in the cycle of life and the energy it provides. For me, this is a purpose, a meaning of life.
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Child Development
General Critical Thinking Assignment One
Follow basic APA format.
Critical Thinking
·  There is a controversy surrounding individuals
being able to select features of their future offspring. With all the medical
advances you now have an opportunity to consider this issue.
Component: Include two pages for this individual
This critical thinking assignment will allow you
to interact with the research literature focusing on parents being able to
design babies. First, you may search GALILEO or Google for an article
discussing this topic area. Read the article and select two of the most
interesting points you learned from that article. In two separate paragraphs
discuss why you selected those points. Include the citation and reference page
following proper APA format.
Next, if this medical advance were to become
reality in the next ten years, would you approve or disapprove of this
reproductive option? Next, discuss what you consider the pros and cons of this
medical advance. Finally, discuss the impact you think this would have on
society in general. In the remainder of this part of the assignment discuss in
three separate paragraphs how you would respond to those items on a personal