Need to nail this final project and need a pro to put some touches on the curren

Need to nail this final project and need a pro to put some touches on the current project (Attached), the article is also attached (Depression and Its Phytopharmacotherapy.pdf)

PY 400: Multi-media project

Students will select a scientific journal article on a psychological issue that has controversial implications or potential practical applications (e.g., research on PTSD and its treatment; research on the importance of adequate sleep in children). The research article will form the foundation of the presentation and it is expected that additional sources as needed will also be included. While legitimate popular press items can be included for emphasis, they may not be used as the foundation article (e.g., Wikipedia or Psychology Today should not to be used as the foundation of the presentation).

One of the objectives for this course is to be able to communicate psychological research to others in a variety of formats. Often, the research findings that are presented via the media and popular press are not accurately nor appropriately reported. It is our responsibility as professionals to make sure that the public has a clear, accurate representation of what we know so that they can make informed decisions that may impact their lives.

Each student will produce a multi-media project to convey that information in a way that is accessible to non-psychologists. For the purpose of this class, students can produce a PowerPoint show based on the selected article that includes music, animation, and video. The presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes in length. Students will be evaluated on the content and execution of their presentation. The “final” will consist of a presentation of the projects through the online classroom, as well as having others (e.g., students in the residential section of PY 400) view the products. Both students and the “public audience” will provide evaluations of the projects. I prefer that you do not use Prezi as a presentation mode unless you do so judiciously. Prezi presentations can be distracting if not done correctly. The project is worth 100 points.

One other thing, be mindful of copyright considerations and make sure you have a references/citations list at the end of your presentation. Also, if you use interviews with others, you need to get a release form signed by the person. If you need a copy of a release form, please let me know *before* you do the interview so that I can email you the copy.