Parasitic Diseases




conduct an extensive literature review to produce a report of conflicting evidence and inconsistent results between different research studies about Giardia spp.. The report should not exceed the word limit of 2000 words.You need a balanced view of conflicting findings and inconsistencies grouped into 3 categories: – Minor differences (mainly quantitative ones, e.g. differences in reported disease prevalence or efficacy of a drug/vaccine/prevention method or sensitivity/specificity of a diagnostic tool or time characteristics of clinical course of disease, etc between 2 or more research studies)- Major differences (mainly qualitative ones, e.g. effective vs non-effective drug or vaccine or prevention method, accurate vs non-accurate diagnostic tool, safe vs risky treatment/therapy, presence or absence of clinical signs, etc between 2 or more research studies)- Updated knowledge (insights from the existing literature helping to identify conflicting and controversial information or important knowledge gaps that shed light to recognise the most credible source, e.g. advice against or in favour of a drug or vaccine or treatment or prevention method, approval or disapproval of a diagnostic tool, a therapeutic protocol, control strategy, eradication plan,

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