Part 1). (Short Answers) Explain the purpose and use of the following budget typ

Part 1). (Short Answers)
Explain the purpose and use of the following budget types:
Zero-based budget
Target-base budget
Performance budget
Program budget
Balanced scorecard
Part 2).
Research a local (Port St. Lucie, FL) municipality and identify their budget approval process. Explain that process, identifying the timeline in place, parties involved, and methods for citizen involvement.
Part 3).
The Levy book contains many instances of where planning intersects with social issues.  Do you think the “Bowling Alone” phenomenon that Putnam discusses makes it difficult for communities to address social problems? What impact does the balkanization of communities have on the increase of people “bowling alone.”
Part 4).
The comprehensive plan is a community document.  As we see in the chapter, the development of this plan requires input and some level of buy-in from the community.  This belief in citizen participation is an important concept in public administration not just urban planning.  Unfortunately today people have busy lives and it is difficult for them to be involved.  Add in some of the concerns from Bowling Alone and planners have a challenge in engaging citizens.  As part of the comprehensive planning process you are asked to develop a plan to make sure that there is significant citizen input. How would you try to engage the citizens and increase participation?