Purpose: The purpose of the assignment is to provide an opportunity to demonstr

The purpose of the assignment is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding and communicate an overview of a selected disease process including basic pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical manifestations, and potential complications.
This assignment is intended to allow you to show evidence of achievement of:
CLO: Based on prerequisite knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Explain abnormal physiological processes and disorders in the human body.
CLO: Describe cellular adaptation and defense mechanisms.
CLO: Describe the role of genetics and genomics in pathophysiology.
CLO: Describe the pathophysiological processes of common alterations in health.
CLO: Explain the physiological basis for signs, symptoms, diagnostic test results, and treatments of common alterations in health.
CLO: Identify risk factors, prevention strategies, and health promotion strategies based on genetics and pathophysiological knowledge.
CLO: Apply pathophysiological principles to case situations as a basis for nursing practice.
CLO: Discuss pathophysiological changes in special populations.
CLO: Discuss ethical issues related to genetic and pathophysiological knowledge related to some disorders.
Using the appropriate APA writing format and requirements, construct a paper on a selected and approved disease process. Review the assignment criterion listed below to develop your document.
Course Outcomes: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.
Explain the pathophysiologic processes of select health conditions.
Predict clinical manifestations and complications of select disease processes.
Correlate lifestyle, environment, and other influences with changes in levels of wellness.
Each student is to choose a medical disorder that they would like to learn more about from a list provided.
It is the responsibility of the student to research the topic using current literature (at least 2 current professional resources), and become familiar with the pathophysiology, causes, risk factors, common clinical manifestations, and common complications of the disorder.
Questions to be answered:
Found in resources:
Identify the chosen disease. What are the causes? What are the risk factors?
Give a brief definition and describe in detail the pathophysiology of the disorder. Explain how the disorder works at a cellular level and interacts with other chemicals or cells in the body. (Do Not just copy this section from a resource-use your own words and understanding with reference)
What are the common clinical manifestations of the disease/disorder according to your resources? Explain WHY or WHAT causes the clinical manifestations that you see.
Describe the common complications of this disorder/disease according to your resources. Explain the relationship between the disorder and the complication. Explain what causes the complications.
What diagnostic tests are used to diagnose the disease/disorder?
PowerPoint Presentation has been provided. Use 7th-ed APA formatting.
Minimum of 2 professional references within 5 years
Your textbook
Professional website
Scholarly journals
Reference page to be written according to APA guidelines/format.