Text:    Steinberg, Laurence. 2023. Adolescence. 13th Ed. McGraw Hill. Second, s

Text:    Steinberg, Laurence. 2023. Adolescence.
13th Ed. McGraw Hill.
Second, students will turn in a précis (pronounced pray-see)
for each textbook chapter covered in the syllabus. A précis is a summary
of an article, chapter, or other written work.  For this class, a précis
is a summary of a textbook chapter.  You can format your précis in a
couple of different ways; 1) a narrative outline, in which you structure the
précis as an outline, but include narrative explanation of important points; or
2) a narrative summary, in which you format the précis in paragraphs explaining
the important points.  Either format is fine.
I think the
easiest way to complete the précis is to read through the chapter and when you
come to an important point, highlight it (there will be many important
points).  When you have finished reading the chapter, go back and type up
the things you highlighted in whatever format you choose, with narrative in
your own words. A thorough précis will be at least 3 full pages, double-spaced,
and will usually be longer.
Precis are not
meant to torture students. The purpose of a precis is to help you summarize and
synthesize course material. Think of a precis as a study guide for the chapter.
Imagine that you have an exam coming up that allows whatever notes you want to
bring. The precis should be those notes.