The assignments in weeks 3 and 5 will be used for the final paper in week 7. You

The assignments in weeks 3 and 5 will be used for the final paper in week 7. You will continue with the same business in week 5 and then compile your research into the final report in week 7. You can research and refer to a current business or use your own workplace as an example. 
In a well drafted narrative, answer the following questions for Part 1:
Identify a specific business that uses AI or AIRs. (One specific company by name, not just a type of business.)
Explain why you chose this company. 
Identify three major issues caused by use of AI or AIRs in business. 
How are these three issues unique to your specific business?
In your analysis include at least three examples illustrating these issues.
Define corruption of AI. Could any one or more of the three issues you have identified pose a risk for corrupting business applications? How?
Prepare your paper following APA format with headings to organize your answers to these questions. This is a draft you will further prepare and finalize as part of your Week 7 Course Project.  
Your research sources must support your narrative as in text citations and full APA citations in your references list. Use relevant course Learning Materials including sources below, and your own research.
Turnitin is not required for Part 1. Your compiled report in Week 7 will be submitted to Turnitin.
Readings to assist you; also refer to your other course Learning Materials. You will need to do your own research for your chosen specific industry and selected business.
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