This is the official prompt for our play analysis! Please read all the text belo

This is the official prompt for our play analysis!
Please read all the text below very carefully and apply what we go over in class so that you can be sure to write the best possible essay!
Paco Bezerra’s play The Little Pony was inspired by two very real children. However, there is no role for any actor to play a child in the play. Compare the real life conflicts that inspired the play with the dramatized conflict in The Little Pony. How is the child expressed in the dramatic action? In other words, how do audiences come to know the child; in what specific ways is the child revealed through dialogue and design? Do you think the play is more or less effective because there is no child onstage? Why or why not?
Your essay must cite at least 2 relevant, significant direct quotations from the script’s expository dialogue and another 2 minimum from the script’s stage directions (i.e. descriptions of sound, set, and props, etc.). (4 quotes from the script total.)
In addition to citing the playscript (click here), your essay must also reference the following relevant sources:
this slideshow of production stills (click here) from professional productions. Note that some production choices follow or depart from Bezerra’s written script; that could be something you weave into your writing by comparing, contrasting, and interpreting the references to the child in the playscript and in production.  (at least one reference to at least one slide.)
Published news (print or video) about the children who inspired the play. (at least one reference to each news piece, one about each child.)
OPTIONAL: The production at Torn Page, mentioned earlier in the semester, if you were lucky enough to get tickets!
For your convenience, this standard Essay Checklist from our syllabus is reproduced below. You can use this information to guide, check, and re-check your composition. 
My essay is at least 1000 words.
My essay’s tone is professional and I use appropriate vocabulary,* grammar, spelling, and mechanics. *This includes genre-specific terms!
My essay is in MLA format; I use proper in-text citations, headers and heading, double-spacing throughout, and include an MLA-style Works Cited page. I observed guidelines and used Purdue University OWL’s MLA workshop.
My essay has a meaningful, original title that expresses my essay’s intention.
All other titles mentioned are properly presented throughout (see Punctuating Titles from Carson-Newman University)
My introduction states a clear, precise thesis argument involving the required primary literature in response to the assigned prompt.
My essay has a strong introduction to set up my thesis argument and demonstrates techniques from UNC’s guide to composing effective introductions.
My thesis argument and claims are defended in body paragraphs structured according to the “sandwich” method from Tacoma CC. 
Each of my body paragraphs is a “sandwich.” Every body paragraph begins with a mini-thesis (“top bun”) and ends with a connection back to the overall thesis argument (“bottom bun”) with evidence and analysis “sandwiched” in between as per our sandwich method for paragraph development. My writing makes it clear how the quotes/paraphrases connect to my thesis argument. 
My body paragraphs include sufficient, substantial, and relevant direct references to the assigned primary literature and secondary supporting sources according to the prompt’s requirements.
My body paragraphs are balanced in length and consistently developed with evidence from the primary literature as well as from secondary sources in ways that support my claims and deepen my analysis of the primary texts.
My essay demonstrates my best ability to think critically and analytically.
My essay “flows” smoothly and logically because I composed meaningful transitions between paragraphs.
My essay has a conclusion that synthesizes my claims and reiterates my thesis in the context of all evidence provided. I use techniques from UNC’s guide to composing effective conclusions.
My essay is properly formatted in one single document and ready to upload to Blackboard in .docx format.
I have followed all of the guidelines given in class and supporting materials.