View the video: “The Last Tourist” (2021 film; make sure you have the right film

View the video: “The Last Tourist” (2021 film; make sure you have the right film) to introduce and understand the impact of mass/over tourism and what must be done by governments, citizens, and tourists alike to address sustainable tourism measures. 


Or  The KCC library provides access to a site called Kanopy  (copied from the Library site) 
Please feel free to sign up for an account at
Once you’ve signed up, you should be able to view the catalog of films and place requests.
The requested films are needed for a class.
Requests must come from a faculty member.
You must use your Kingsborough email when you sign up, or you will not get access.
It is recommended NOT to use the Kanopy app or mobile site but instead a desktop browser. The app and mobile site need to be fixed with our subscription.
Or Your local library may provide similar access.  (that’s how I viewed it for free.)
Or  It appears to be on streaming services such as HULU, Apple TV, and Amazon.  You can also rent it (or buy it) from these services.  Renting is about $4, buying about $8. 
Watch the KCC-specific video on sustainable tourism and voluntourism from Raw Travel host Robert Rose. TV host Robert Rose created a video specifically for KCC TAH students addressing sustainable tourism and eco-tourism.
Both links lead to the same video. 
Read book chapters (provided by instructor) on sustainable tourism and eco-tourism. Chapters are available below in this folder. 
The actual assignment. Read carefully and check off the items to ensure you include everything.  The first bullet point defines that you have to look at it from several perspectives. 
Write a reflective paper about the social responsibility of governments, citizens, and tourists on sustainable tourism. Papers must include the following:
Briefly describe how your class/activity addressed social responsibility. You may reference an assignment, class discussion, and/or project in your answer.
Explain how the course/activity expanded your understanding of social responsibility.
Thinking about your course/activity and the information presented about social responsibility, how could you use this information to improve your community, address social problems, or promote equity?
What laws/regulations would you suggest on a:
National level
City/State level.
Aim for 3 suggestions each.
What can you do as an individual to prevent abuse of tourism?
Please remember this is not meant to bash tourism. There are many, many benefits to the industry.  As with any industry, especially rapidly growing industries, it can have some negative effects based on people’s actions.  I have worked in tourism for many years and have seen hundreds of thousands of people enjoy their visits, time with family (both happy and sad), and during business trips.  I have seen hundreds of people support themselves and family earning an honest wage.  As tourists and future leaders in tourism,  you can help fix the bad things and expand the good!