Welcome to Week 3 Discussion Board!- Nutrition and the Human Body On this discus

Welcome to Week 3 Discussion Board!- Nutrition and the Human Body
On this discussion board, we will be discussing nutrition and the human body. 
Assignment Instructions: 
Use critical thinking and apply the information you learned in Chapter 3. 
Select ONE question from the list below and answer it completely.  
Write a well-written paragraph to answer your selected question.  
Your instructor is looking for 3-4 key points in your responses that relate to this week’s readings.  
Reference your information using the APA citation format.  
Participation in weekly discussions is worth a significant part of your final grade and this forum presents you with an opportunity to develop a lifelong skill of written communication. Please review the grading rubric attached to this assignment so you know what is expected. Please see the course calendar for specific due dates. 
Select the question you would like to answer from the list provided below: 
Explain digestion and the detailed steps involved in the process. 
What organs are involved in digestion and what are their primary functions? 
What organs are involved in absorption and what are their primary functions? 
Explain the function of enzymes, hormones, and bile in digestion, including their primary action and their source of origin. 
Discuss how the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport absorbed nutrients throughout the body. 
Describe the role of the nervous system and the endocrine system in keeping your body nourished. 
Describe the symptoms and causes of the most common digestive disorders. 
This week, we will be discussing the basics of digestion.  Chapter 3 covers an in-depth discussion of digestion and absorption of nutrients. The major organs of the digestive system are defined, and their functions are discussed in detail.  It also covers information on the lymphatic system, circulatory system, endocrine system, and nervous system and how they relate to digestion and absorption. Common gastrointestinal disorders will be discussed.