Assignment Specifications: Be at least five paragraphs Format your paper in MLA

Assignment Specifications:
Be at least five paragraphs
Format your paper in MLA
Use a three-point thesis
Write in academic third person
Construct an academic title
Include documented in-text citations from the primary source.
Constrain your length to 4-5 pages (1000 word minimum)
Contain a Works Cited Page in MLA format
You may use more than one story.

Prompt: Write a 4 page Short Story Literary Analysis Essay using the following story:”Moxon’s Master” by Ambrose Bierce. In your essay, you must analyze a theme. You will need to decide on a theme to analyze, and then decide whether to support your analysis of the theme with ideas or with literary devices from the story.

1. You must use documented material from the primary sources (“Moxon’s Master” by Ambrose Bierce).
2. Write your thesis statement in one sentence. You should mention your restricted topic (the name of the short story and author), and your essay’s debatable main point (the position that you hope to convince the reader is correct). Also, include your three main points.
3. Look over the short story to find examples that support your main points. (YOU MUST USE CITED TEXTUAL EVIDENCE FROM THE STORY.
4. Decide which examples should be included in the essay as evidence.
5. Determine which organization method best suits your purposes. You may choose a chronological order, placing the examples in the same order as they appear in the story, or you may use an emphatic order, placing the most important example last. Be sure to plan one paragraph per point you have to cover in the essay’s body.
6. Remember not to summarize the plot. In fact, the convention for writing about literature is to assume that the reader has already read the piece; thus, no summary is needed.
7. proofread and spell check