Buy 10 different publicly traded (not private) stocks (preferably from a mix of

Buy 10 different publicly traded (not private) stocks (preferably from a mix of the 11 different economic sectors). You have $10,000 to spend, no more, and try to spend as much of it as possible. No fractional shares. First, spend as much of $1000 per stock as you can without going over. Once you’ve bought shares of 10 different companies, if you have some $$ left of the $10,000, then you may exceed the $1000 limit per stock, but you cannot go above the overall portfolio limit of $10,000. Do not use fake prices!  I follow the market each day and night so if I’m familiar with the company you buy and the prices don’t make sense to me, I’ll obviously know you’re pulling the numbers out of thin air, LOL.
This should be a fun an interesting assignment. If you prefer to track your 10 stocks outside of a web-based watch account (Yahoo Finance has an easy to use intuitive portfolio tracker I use myself), you can alternatively use my color coded Excel spreadsheet I created myself which can be found in files and pages, in the supplemental files folder. Just enter your stock symbols, what you paid for them, when you bought them and if they pay any dividends in the green cells. Then, on each update, you update your portfolio performance by entering the current closing prices in the green cells for the current prices; you will post here your portfolio update # 1 which will state:
The % return of overall of your 10-stock portolio at the end of week # 1 . 
What was your best stock overall
What was your worst stock performer to-date
List your portfolio holdings and why you chose them.