For your initial post, address the following:  Describe a creative work that ref

For your initial post, address the following: 
Describe a creative work that reflects a workplace performative space. 
What movement for positive change is shown in this creative work?
What cultural and social ideas influenced the creative work?
50 words for each response 
For your response posts, address the following: 
Besides the movement for positive change your peer identified, could the creative work they mentioned show other movements for positive change? If so, what? 
Do you agree with your peer about the cultural and social ideas that influenced the creative work they described? Why, or why not?   
1. ake Lamb posted May 19, 2024 12:45 PM
As I stated in week one, I am a garbage truck driver for Waste Management. The largest garbage company in the world, and we as a whole are driven on being safe at all times. If we see something unsafe we are required to speak up and say something. We hold each other accountable about doing everything safely so something doesn’t happen to us, or someone else. Unfortunately we learn from others mistakes and accidents, and we here the tragic stories of drivers or pedestrians getting in an accident, or worse getting killed. 
One of the best ways Waste Management shows their commitment to being safe and taking care of their drivers, and the innocent pedestrians around us is we truly talk about safety every single day, but every Wednesday morning there is a safety video of a topic chosen by corporate. Waste Management takes it so seriously we have a company wide competition for the safest location in the world usually meaning our management team would either get something catered for us to eat, or corporate would come down and pay for a nice dinner. It is a chance to teach the drivers, or remind them of skills, or things we need to make aware of while on route. Especially because it is easy to get complacent.  Work safety videos can influence cultural or social ideas by making the situations we hear about or learn about relatable. We are constantly on the road in a huge truck and we always joke that we are invisible to everyone except kids and dogs. When it comes to people allowing us to make the turns or the stops we signal to do so, most of the time they will automatically try to go around us. Usually an illegal way like we are in the left turn lane and apparently are not fast enough, some people will either go into on coming traffic to try and get around or make the lane that is designed to go straight their second turn lane and get around that way. In conclusion, these safety videos keep us on our toes and remind us to always keep our head on a swivel. It’s not to just prevent it from happening, but that when it happens and it will to be ready for it.
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