Introduction World War II transformed both the United States and the USSR into w

World War II transformed both the United States and the USSR into world powers and with this came increased competition and a geopolitical power struggle. After the end of World War II, the United States and its allies, and the Soviet Union and its satellite states began nearly almost a half-century struggle for supremacy ending with the fall of the Soviet Union in December of 1991. This struggle for geopolitical power and supremacy was known as the Cold War.
Assignment Instructions
Review the interview videos below the assignment instructions to gain some additional insights and background.
Write a 750 to 1,000-word paper that addresses the following:
What led up to the Cold War?
Who were the major players involved?
What was the U.S.’s motivation to keep communism from spreading across the globe?
What are your thoughts on how propaganda surrounding the war, such as the interview videos below, may have fed into the fears of Americans during the Cold War?
How did the nuclear threats that arose during that time impact policy and culture today?
What was the significance of the Berlin Wall coming down
What lessons should students today take away from the Cold War?
Do you think with the current political climate we could be moving into another Cold War?
Cite and reference all resources utilized in the assignment on an APA formatted reference page at the end of your paper. At a minimum, your paper should include a minimum of 2 credible sources. These can be your textbook or one of the readings or videos provided in this week’s learning activities. In-text citations and references should be formatted according to APA guidelines.
Review your paper for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA style. 
Cold War Interviews
Watch these recorded interviews about personal experiences from the Cold War period.
What Was It Like Growing Up in the United States During the Cold War? (5:56)
The Cold War Interview with Tristan Williams (55:57)
Ep.#8: The Cold War – Interview with Audra Wolfe and Patrick Wyman (49:55)
Excerpt of Cold War Interview with Pete Berkowitz (You must watch all 3 episodes)