OBJECTIVE Students will recognize particular legal issues involved in evictio

Students will recognize particular legal issues involved in evictions.
This week I want us to apply our knowledge of evictions by filling-out an answer to an eviction. The number of the form is UD-105. Here is the link to access the form: https://selfhelp.courts.ca.gov/jcc-form/UD-105 Eviction Court Forms UD-105 Answer Links to an external site. . For this exercise, you will need to review the weekly check-in recording. At that meeting, I will go over the form and how to fill it out. You will pretend that you are answering a complaint for an eviction. Remember, do not provide any personal or confidential information. After you fill out the form, you can save it and upload using the link for this assignment. You can also take a picture and upload that way. I will provide more details during the weekly check-in.
Example of UD-105 Download Example of UD-105
Please fill-out the answer to an unlawful detainer form, UD105 to respond to an eviction. Make sure that you provide enough information for the judge to make a ruling. Since this is a class assignment, please do not include an personal information. This assignment is worth 15 points.
Does the answer to the Homework questions have the correct focus? Did the answer reflect the question asked?
Were the answers organized around the questions and concepts?
Are the answers well-written, free of spelling and grammar mistakes like spelling, grammar and clarity of expression.
Did the answer have the correct word length? One page is required.