Overview: The purpose of the essay is to provide a vehicle to assess the student

The purpose of the essay is to provide a vehicle to assess the student’s critical thinking, stated lesson educational objectives, and academic writing skills. Answer your selected writing prompt and provide evidence to support your position from the course materials or outside sources. Use original thought and analyze the topic with the knowledge gained in the course and through your life experiences. Ensure to use proper in-text citations when citing a source.
The assignment is to write a 750-1200 word essay answering the questions below. Students must bold their thesis statement in the introduction paragraph of the essay.
Any supporting material used in your essay that is not your own original thought must give credit to the original source. You should do this by citing your sources using both in-text citations and a reference page on a new page following the end of your essay; this helps avoid any accidental plagiarism issues within your essay. Refer to the ECDEP Citation Guidelines (CC661020REQG) for specific citation instruction. Refer to the last page of The ECDEP Essay (CC6610REQD) for a reference page example.
Essay Prompt:
a. What is the connection between the Marine Corps’ institutional values and resilience, and what is the SNCO’s role in developing both?

The CC6715 Essay Rubric provides the grading criteria for this assignment.