We were the most intelligent species. The only ones with structure and intellige

We were the most intelligent species. The only ones with structure and intelligence. At least that’s what we thought. Then they came. Earth as we knew it, changed forever. Equality, class, money and war – they seemed like insignificant issues since they came. Now we are all equal, all one, all enslaved. It was 2058 when they arrived. We don’t know how, we don’t know from where.  All we knew is they were here. Reptilian-like creatures started appearing world wide, killing, destroying towns and cities. Countries, continents tried to peacefully interact with them, but it was useless. Their intentions were clear: domination and enslavement. 
Not 24 hours after the invasion, earth broke into full war. Armies fought for their countries, and for Earth. But this didn’t stop the reptilian creatures. Now millions strong they turned cities to rubble, people to dust, and forests to infernos. Missiles, nuclear warheads, they barely dented their armies.The lizards rampaged across the planet enslaving those they deemed unworthy, obliterating any semblance of resistance. Within two days it was over. 4.7 billion estimated dead. The world was on its knees, civilisation destroyed. Or so we thought.
For six years, I have been living in the shadows. My name, Bartholomew Emanual Penellopous. I am, or was, a weapons scientist. Apart of a small resistance 25,000 strong in outback Straya’ I have been analysing the reptiles and I think I know how to take back our planet.
This is the start, but am too busy right now to finish.