“The Impact of Water Scarcity on Children: A Perspective on the Ongoing Climate Crisis”

Step 1 – Review the UNICEF Climate Crisis Document
Page 12 of the UNICEF Climate Crisis
document discusses the Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI). The CCRI contains two separate Pillars: Pillar 1: Exposure to climate and environmental shocks and stresses, and Pillar 2: Child vulnerability.
Review the 8 climate change shocks/stresses under Pillar 1 of the CCRI.
Select one of the 8 shocks/stresses from Pillar 1 to write your Short Essay. Be prepared to…
Define the climate shocks/stresses you chose
Explain your personal perspective(s) on the ongoing climate crisis of this topic
Step 2 – Writing your Short Essay
Your Essay should adhere to the following expectations:
Be no more than 200-300 words in length
Include the following structural components:
Introductory paragraph naming the climate shock/stressor that you’re addressing from the CCRI
Body paragraph(s) supporting your position with references, citations, and description of proper analysis
Closing paragraph/Conclusion that summarizes the information and provides insight into your own personal views, opinions, and perspectives as it relates to the topic
Include at least three distinct sources from the course material
Minimum two separate text-based sources
Minimum one video-based source
DO NOT use the same source twice
Adhere to APA formatting and citation guidelines
Include at least two of the Key Competencies in Sustainability from Dean Boone’s On Hope and Agency in SustainabilityLinks to an external site.
Competencies must be underlined in your Short Essay
Competencies should be clearly indicated in the body of your essay (not in the introduction or conclusion)
Competencies should include a specific example and how it relates to your topic/ideas
other sources 

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