You are the human resource manager of an internet service provider. You have jus

You are the human resource manager of an internet service provider. You have just been notified that your firm is about to open up a call centre in another country (called the host country) to provide technical support services around the clock. You have been asked to devise a strategic HR plan to facilitate the expansion, bearing in mind that the home country you are servicing – and your clients are all located in – Australia (called home country).
As the first stage of a strategic HR plan, you have been asked to provide the Director Board with the initial assessment. Your tasks in this assessment are to select and propose two other countries and prepare a report on:
1. Explaining and justifying the choice of two countries*. Summarizing the key factors and providing examples of existing companies which successfully outsourced their call centres to the chosen countries.
* Please select two countries that are apropriate for the subject*
2. Analysing the contextual conditions of the proposed countries*.
Showing the similarities and differences between the institutional environments of the three countries (i.e., Australia as a home country and the other two countries) by identifying and explaining the main characteristics of the three countries in terms of (a) national culture, (b) Labour Market, (c) Industrial Relations and Regulations, (d) Business Ethics.
*Please add a subsection (if it is required) to have a clear structure. For instance, you may organize your answer in four subsections (2.1 National Culture, 2.2 Labour Market, 2.3 Industrial Relations and Regulations, and 2.4 Business Ethics).
3. Justifying your preference of the country (only one country) you suggest opening up a call centre after comparing and contrasting the three countries.
4. Explaining the staffing, recruitment, and training approach after selecting the host country.
Assignment Structure
Your assignment must include:
Executive summary (half page only)
Table of content
Body* (addressing the research questions 1 and 2)
Recommendations* (addressing the research questions 3 and 4)
Reference List
Appendix (if it is required)