Employee Motivation Infographic

Organizational Behavior Analysis (11 Weeks) – CBE Online Course – 2024 Spring Quarter

Deliverable 3 – Employee Motivation Infographic
Deliverable 3 – Employee Motivation Infographic
Assignment Content
Critique factors that influence and motivate employees.

Recently, Executive Leadership at All About Analytics realized that their talent acquisition initiatives to hire new employees from diverse cultural backgrounds are experiencing great success. The team members recognize that cultural diversity plays a significant part in influencing organizational behavior. The leadership team decided to request that the Training and Development Manager create and oversee a training initiative for front-line and mid-level managers on managing diversity effectively.

The training will focus on the different diversity elements, the challenges, and opportunities that can arise from employees with different cultural backgrounds. Leadership suggested an infographic as an informative approach to introducing the main training topics. An infographic is a visual representation of a complex concept. The visual graphic helps to explain the different elements that make up the concept and their relationship between the parts.

As the Training and Development Manager, it is necessary to develop an overview of the training curriculum on leading a culturally diverse team. To begin your training curriculum, you will design an infographic. The infographic should be a visual representation of personal factors and their influence on individuals, groups, and organizations.

Create an infographic that:

Explains general factors related to a person’s background (Family, Culture, Language, Social, Education, Experiences, Beliefs, Values, and Motivations) that influence decision-making
Compares motivational theories that enhance culturally diverse teams
Examines types of leadership power and political factors that enhance culturally diverse teams
Provides attribution for credible references used in the development of content ideas following academic guidelines


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