Community-level strategic plan

will research and prepare a community-level strategic plan that addresses a key public health issue.
Potential topics may include:
• Using prenatal and infancy home visits to prevent child abuse and neglect
• Preventing falls in the elderly
• Reducing population salt intake
• Reducing tobacco use among adults
• Preventing risky sexual behavior among youth and young adults
• Reducing drug experimentation among young adults
Include the following in your paper:
• Introduction:
o Provide an overview of the community health issue as described in Part A with identified causes and influences, including knowledge gaps.
o Detail the prevalence of the issue inside and outside the United States.
o Describe potential monetary costs associated with the issue in the United States.
o You must include data as part of your introduction (images, charts, graphs, etc., may be included as well as written data).
• Describe advance practice roles and management strategies that affect change at the community level.
• Identify key community and social resources that negatively and positively affect the selected issue.
• Identify changes or enhancements in community-related services for your selected topic.
• Develop a strategic plan that could decrease the prevalence of your selected topic.The goals for this plan needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Include how your plan takes into consideration health literacy, socioeconomic factors, and cultural differences.
• Conclusion:
o A summary of the goals and challenges
o An assessment of the outlook for action/progress
• Appendix A: Include your community assessment from Week 3 as Appendix A.

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