Objective: After reflecting on a veteran teacher interview, learners will discuss their own philosophy of teaching.

Assume you were given the task to interview a veteran teacher and the questions and answers were stated as shown below. It may seem like the perfect response to some, but a teacher is formed from within and never identical to others. Purpose, methodology, definition of relationships, and how we communicate will vary among all of us. After reviewing the questions and answers, what would be five areas from the interview you currently think differently than these statements made by the veteran teacher– given your experiences as a parent, former student, or employee in a school system?

1. What should be the purpose of education?
“The purpose of education is to make students aware of themselves and the world around them, through the development of multicultural skills, knowledge, and career objectives that support them in a changing world.”
2. What should be the content of the school curriculum?
“The content should be problem-centered where students work cooperatively to solve real-world problems.”
3. Who should control the learning environment?
“Teachers and students should control the learning environment.”
4. What should be the relationship between the teacher and students?
“In order to support personal and social development, the teacher should facilitate the students’ learning and self-assessment.”
5. Under what conditions is student learning most successful?
“Student learning is more successful when the teacher presents lessons, provides timely and appropriate feedback, and the classroom physical layout supports the needs of the students.”
6. What motivates students to do their best in school?
“Success motivates students to do their best, and that is the reason teachers need to provide appropriate and relevant tasks that allow students to improve and succeed.”
7. What is your definition of effective teaching?
“Effective teaching depends on the school and teacher’s instructional goals. It consists of facilitating students’ learning and self-assessment including cooperative learning and community-building activities.”
8. What personal characteristics are possessed by a successful teacher?
“A successful teacher has the ability to use various ways of teaching according to a variety of learning goals and student learning styles and possesses a positive attitude, high expectations, consistency, and fairness as personal characteristics.
Positive Attitude – Being positive impacts students’ learning.
High Expectations – Encourage students to show effort and do their best.
Consistency – Students know what to expect because routines are in place.
Fairness – Treat students equally in the same situation.