7CO03 Assignment Example

Assessment Questions

Learning Outcome 1 Be able to model principles and values that promote inclusivity aimed at maximising the contribution that people make to organisations. 

AC 1.1 Critically assess different ethical standpoints on people practise and the maintenance of high standards of ethical behaviour.

AC 1.2 Justify business improvements in relation to:

  • the promotion of fairness and transparency
  • wellbeing
  • employee voice
  • learning.

Question 3

AC1.3 To be able to self-evaluate personal and professional integrity in relation to ethical practice, professional courage and influence, and valuing people. 

AC 1.4 Assess the impact of collaboration across cultural, geographic and professional boundaries, including the value of embracing difference.

Learning Outcome 2 Be able to achieve and maintain challenging business outcomes for yourself and organisations. 

Question 5

AC2.1 To be able to reflect on levels of self-awareness, self-management, and continuous self improvement, leading to improved organisational success and career progression. 

AC 2.2 Discuss how business acumen can deliver commercial benefits and manage resilience.

Question 7

AC2.3 To be able to demonstrate impactful behaviour that is aligned with wider organisational vision, values, strategies, and plans. 

Learning Outcome 3 Be able to apply learning to enhance personal effectiveness. 

AC 3.1 Demonstrate curiosity and passion for deep learning.

Question 9

AC3.2 To be able to plan continuing professional development that involves both planned learning and reflection. 

AC 3.3 Discuss the merits of evidence-based critical thinking based upon a range of data analytics, across a wide range of current business topics.

AC 3.4 Assess the impact that sharing of learning has on organisational success.

Learning Outcome 4 Be able to influence others during decision-making while showing courage and conviction. 

AC 4.1 Assess own approaches to decision-making on complex issues, taking ownership to remedy mistakes.

Question 13 

AC4.2 To be able to demonstrate appropriate influencing style to communicate and engage different audiences. 

Question 14

AC4.3 To be able to discuss ways of promoting organisational improvement through courage, political acumen and the willingness to change.

AC 4.4 Assess the benefits of networking to enhance own career and contribution to organisational effectiveness.

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